High impact sales event
Philip M. Gutsell
Gutsell & Associates conducts several training programs, including:
  • Customer Oriented Salesmanship for retail sales personnel
  • Three Vital Keys to Running a Successful Promotion for progressive retailers
  • Making Advertising Dollars Pay Off for retailers and Media advertisers
  • The Mathematical Sales Formula (How to Sell Value insead of Price)
  • Using Price as a Strategic Weapon
  • The Price Guarantee: How And Why Your Store Should Use It
  • 10 Steps to Improve your Advertising
  • Growing Your Business in Today's Economy
  • Actions for Transactions
  • 7 Keys to Better Gross Margins
  • How to Increase Your Average Sale 10-50%
  • Motivating Your Sales Staff to Peak Performance
  • How to Turn Average Salespeople into High Performers
  • Greeting Techniques That Lead to More Sales
  • Using the Art of Questioning and Listening
  • Overcoming Everyday Objections
  • C.L.O.S.I.N.G.S.: Eight Great Techniques to Get Customer Commitment
  • Building Referrals & Long Term Customer Relationships
Gutsell & Associates devotes an entire division to assist you in running special events based on the 3 R's:
  • Remodel
  • Remerchandise
  • Reorganize
Click here to see how a special event can propel your business to the next level.
GutSELLing - 4cd set
GutSELLing is selling from the customer's Point of View. Seeing the buying decision through your customer's eye empowers you to make the most effective approach to your prospect
GutSELLing techniques
GutSELLing Techniques is a weekly email service that illustrates new techniques every week that to aid in problem areas of selling or closing to that difficult customer. Each week is a fresh example with a new message and story.
Gutsell & Associates also gives seminars for:
  • Associated Volume Buyers - Brand Source
  • National Home Furnishings Association
  • Southern Home Furnishings Association
  • Northwest Home Furnishings Association
  • Western Home Furnishings Association
  • Pacific Furniture Dealers
  • Michigan Furniture Dealers Association
  • Tennessee Buying Group
  • The Buying Giant
  • F.A.M.E. Buying Group
  • Member, Home Furnishings Council
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