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Gutsell & Associates helps companies increase sales and maximize profits by providing customized consulting, training and coaching services for the home furnishings, appliance, and electronics retailers.
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High impact sales event
Gutsell & Associates devotes an entire division to assist you in running special events based on the 3 R's:
  • Remodel
  • Remerchandise
  • Reorganize
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How can we help?
Are your sales flat?
Are your margins tight?
Are you overstocked?
Is the next generation driving you batty?
Is your store stagnating?
Are your sales ratios too low?

These and more questions are answered through our Seminars and On-Site Consultations.
GutSELLing is selling from the customer's Point of View. Seeing the buying decision through your customer's eye empowers you to make the most effective approach to your prospect. You can maintain your point of view and make your words and actions appeal to your customer. Listen and internalize GetSELLing - you will solve more of your customer's problems, close more sales, overcome and avoid common customer objections and ultimately build strong referrals for present and future business. GutSELLing will lead you to the kind of results you always desire.
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