GutSELLing techniques
Philip M. Gutsell
GutSELLing is selling from the customer’s Point of View. Seeing the buying decision through your customer’s eye empowers you to make the most effective approach to your prospect. You can maintain your point of view and make your words and actions appeal to your customer. Listen and internalize GetSELLing – you will solve more of your customer’s problems, close more sales, overcome and avoid common customer objections and ultimately build strong referrals for present and future business. This is the most down to earth sales course you can invest in for developing your skills. GutSELLing will lead you to the kind of results you always desire.

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1. Testimonial
2. Welcome to GutSELLing
3. The Unconscious Incompetent
4. The Conscious Incompetent
5. The Conscious Competent
6. The Unconscious Competent
7. KIA (Know It Alls)
8. The Common Objections
9. The Mission Statement
10. Why I like Salespeople
11. The Benefits and Concerns of Salespeople
12. The Six Key Areas of Knowledge
13. Professional People Skills
14. Tools, Appearance and Attitude
15. The Most Motivational Tool
16. Dress Professionally
17. Your Internal Appearance
18. A Basketball Analogy
19. The Importance of Your Smile
20. Disc 1 Summary
1. The Art of Questioning
2. Sentence Usage
3 The Open and Closed Customer
4. Fact Finding Questions
5. Choice or Options for Closed Customers
6. Summary of Choice or Options Questions
7. Request Yes Questions
8. Rule 4 of Request Yes Questions
9. Rule 5 Pavlov
10. Questions. Rules and Guidelines
11. Personality Modes
12. People Relate in the Same Mode
13. Rapport, Trust and Confidence
1. Overcoming Objections
2. Converting Minor, Major and Obvious Objections
3. Five Steps to Overcoming Major Objections
4. Overcoming Obvious Objections
5. Summary of Overcoming Obvious Objections
6. Summary of Part 1; Intro Into Part
7. Mixed Messages: The HTG Story
8. The Greeting Steps
9. Greeting Choices and the Gutsell Pivot
10. Additional Pre-Qualifying Greetings
11. Ideal Greeting Summary
12. Greeting Challenging Customers
13. The Room Planner Sketching Card
1. BLT Story and The Closing Acronym
2. C is for Confidence
3. L is for List
4. The Mathematical Sales Formula
5. The Customer's Muddy Thinking
6. The Most Unique Benefit
7. The List Close Summary
8. O is for Option or Choice
9. S is for Story
10. I is for If
11. Essential Steps of the If Close
12. N is for Now
13. G is for Guarantee
14. CLOSING Summary
15. Reducing Buyer's Remorse
16. The Flight Story
17. Conclusion and Recap
GutSELLing Techniques is a weekly email service that illustrates new techniques every week that to aid in problem areas of selling or closing to that difficult customer. Each week is a fresh example with a new message and story.
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